Playboy TV Discount

Who out there has not heard of Playboy? This is the biggest name in porn that has ever existed and this will immediately make you think that their Playboy TV website is going to be one of the best to have ever appeared on the Internet. However, while it may look all glossy and shiny, is it as good as it really should have been?

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First, you are going to have to really go on gut instinct with this website as the tour part tells you very little and in all honesty this is a bit of a let down. It is almost as if they are saying that the fact they are Playboy should be enough to tempt you into their site, but a better tour really would not have gone amiss.

One big difference with this website is that it does show full hardcore, which is different to the original Playboy magazine, but they do shoot their content in quite a glamorous and shiny way, just as you would expect from them. They focus more on passion and erotica rather than straightforward fucking and it is a pleasant change from the normal porn that you see elsewhere.


In order to watch you do need to stream from their website and this is a bit of a let down as it would be cool if you could download things to watch later even when you are not logged online. However, as long as you have a good connection there should be no problems with this and you can then enjoy some fantastic porn without the scene juddering to a halt and at a great price too as there is now a playboy tv discount now released.

They do have various shows for you to watch and it is all in HD, so you get to see every single aspect in glorious Technicolor, and ultimately the entire site is very well put together and the fact it is streaming 24/7 does make things that little bit easier for you.

Yes it may not appeal if you love more weird sex, but if you enjoy watching gorgeous women fucking and having orgasms, then Playboy TV is certainly a website that you should give some serious consideration to joining.