FTV Girls Discount

FTVGirls came into existence because those who are behind making it were fed up with all those shoddy pornographic sites. They decided to develop a site that is of excellent quality and quantity, and truly speaking, they succeeded in their mission.

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FTV are initials for First Time Videos, but this should not be taken to mean that these girls have performed in videos before. In real sense, they are performing acts that have never been seen on video before. The entire content is exclusive to the site and almost a third of the beauties only model for this company.

Since 2005, FTVGirls has remained in top form and they continue to grow bigger more content to the already available huge archive. You will have access to approximately 1,600 videos that are availed in Windows Media. Most of the actors have multiple videos posted all over the archive and dating way back to 2003.


The most current movies are available in HD while the older ones still offer excellent quality playback. You will also find some AVI files that you can download, although they are of low quality.

The scenes mostly run for ten minutes. You will watch public nudity, vibrators, masturbation, massive dildos, lesbianism and so much more. At certain instances, you will also come across some hardcore sex. If you fancy a site that features dazzling beauties, then you will find it hard to locate another one out there apart from this site and with the ftv girls discount attached. It has different types of scenes that are entertaining and marvelous. There are approximately 3,200 photo galleries, which are available in multiples for each beauty, with sixty to ninety shots per set. They have high-res images and can be downloaded in Zip files. You also have a category that avails the original photos straight from the digital cameras, although they have not been re-sized to fit your normal browser screen hence they are huge and go beyond simple high-res.

Updating takes place once a week or in some instances twice, but the content generally continues to grow. You also have extras in form of different pic sets and videos. Getting membership will most definitely be of value to you with FTVGirls.