Brazzers Discount

Brazzers is one of the biggest porn sites available on the Internet; they have some of the hottest and most happening models you will ever find in the porn industry. Pics and videos of porn stars like Alexis Monroe, Nikki Benz, Christy Mack, Remy LaCroix, Jayden James are just waiting to please your living senses. Enjoy seeing heavy anal scenes with narratives, characters, realized fantasies and sturdy fucking, all under one roof.

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Trust Brazzers to treat you well

This website has thirty exclusive sub videos; each sub website is different than the other, making you jump right out of your skin. They present an amazing array of succulent porn clippings, along with a cornucopia of one of the hottest hardcore porn tags available on the Internet.

Brazzers network features almost 5000 episodes, each of which are on an average of 30 minutes in length. Videos are shown in various formats such as 720p and 1080p to suit the different needs of the viewers. You are given two options for the videos: streaming as well as downloading. You can download the photos of 2500px and watch them online to know the story behind the movie.


Brazzers offers something different to its viewers including a Brazzers discount

Apart from all these, there are many extra advantages given to the online users some of which include third party feeds, message boards, and model index, along with a live chat option. The look and the user interface of the website are very pleasing.

It sports a good look with appropriate functional layout and features all the adequate tools required for browsing; also, you get access to a lot of niche filters so that searching for content does not appear to be a very difficult task.

There’s a home page that lets you filter the videos according to the most viewed along with the latest and other popular categories. The best thing with this site is that it offers massive regular updates with all the above mentioned 30 websites in its network.


Brazzers is consistently ranking among the few most popular and acclaimed hardcore sites that the current porn world offers. It’s definitely a great site to visit and join especially, if you are very serious about adult entertainment.

Dancing Bear Discount

Dancing Bear features videos which have been made using the best production techniques and feature beautiful women. The site is easy to explore, with an effective search feature that allows you to find content quickly and easily. Just enter your search term and you will be provided with a list of video results within a few seconds.

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There are over 100 videos on the site, and the database of content is growing on a monthly basis, with new videos being added all the time. Newer videos are listed on the main landing page, which will normally be the first page you see once you log into your online account.


To register for a new account, just select your preferred method of payment, select a user name and password so you can log into your account when you want to, and then wait for an email to be sent which will include a link embedded within the body. Click on this to complete the registration process and validate your account. There are a number of ways to view videos on Dancing Bear, with several videos available in an MP4 file format. If you have a smart phone or mobile tablet, this file format is ideal, as you will be able to view videos when you are on the go and away from home, for example when on vacation. There are also videos available in a high definition format.

Buttman Promo Code

Buttman is a pornographic website that focuses on anal sex, with hundreds of videos available to either download directly onto your computer or stream on their website using an in-built player that is easy to use, and barely has any problems loading or buffering. The site is easy to navigate and makes up part of the Evil Angel network of sites, meaning that once you become a member, you get access to 20 other websites as part of your membership.

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To become a subscriber, you will need to choose a user name and password, and then jot these down as you will need them to log into the site and watch videos. Once you have selected your user name and password, you will need to select your preferred method of payment. You’ll receive a receipt via email which you can then keep for future reference if you want to do so. Once you have chosen your preferred method of payment, you will also receive a welcome email which will include a link embedded within. Click on the link to validate your online account, complete the registration process and then you are free to watch the large number of videos on the Buttman website.

The website is easy to navigate, with several menus and tools which will transport you from one part of the website to another. All new videos are listed on the main landing page, where a brief description of the content and a preview is included.


The Buttman site has been designed well, with a contemporary color palette and there are a number of ways to contact the site’s administrators if you do encounter a problem. Just contact a company representative if you have a technical query or need advice on how to use the numerous features on the website. You’ll receive a prompt response and helpful information if you choose to do so. There are over 780 videos which you can stream directly on the site or download on to your computer. All videos have a good quality playback, including the older videos. There are also several videos available in high definition, enhancing your visual experience when visiting Buttman.

In addition to the videos, there are over 300 picture sets, where all images are of the highest quality. These pictures are clear and in a good resolution, and feature some of the anal scenes that have taken place in the videos. The database on Buttman is ever growing, with new videos being added frequently. What’s great about the site is that your membership is good value for money. Not only will you get access to all videos on the Buttman site, but you will be entitled to access the other websites which make up part of the Evil Angel network, one of the largest pornographic production companies in the world.

Sweetheart Video Promo Code

The women involved in Sweetheart Video are all pure lesbians which means they are not straight girls who will get down with other girls just for money. They do it because they love to suck wet pussies as long as they live.

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There are 953 photo sets in the house and you can choose to view them in a slide show or save them in a Zip file. There are 531 flicks on Sweetheart Video as well as they can be streamed through an embedded player or downloaded through an MP4 player or a Windows media player. Lesbian action fans would love to watch the movies over and over again as the girls here simply do some wild things to each other like suck on their tits and eat their wide pussies.

For bonuses, there are 4 websites provided by the Mile High network and all of them promises you will exit the website with a big smile on your face. There is no advanced search around though so the basic search tool will have to do for now.


The updates come in frequently so it won’t be long before the next update comes in with some new girls making out with each other. In fact, there is one new scene added every 4 days which means it is not that long before a new update comes in.

Who would not want to see hot girls make out with each other? If you are a real man then you would not want to see a naked dude having all the fun in front of you. It would be better to see a couple of naked chicks have sex with each other using creative sex toys. If you are a fan of seeing girls get at it with each other then there is no reason to not check out Sweetheart Video. It already has a lot of its videos in high definition too. When you get a load of this website, you will wonder where all the lesbians are. They don’t seem to show up in your neighborhood every now and then but they are all here. Discount

When you hear the word “babe”, you will be delighted because it refers to hot girls. has a lot of that as it gives new meaning to the term glam-core which obviously combines glamorous and hardcore. There is not much of that soft core stuff you are used to seeing in amateur sties.

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When they mean glamorous, they man the camera work is fine and the setting of the sex scenes are on a nice bed. It can’t be placed in the woods or a moving van so you know you are dealing with first class porn makers here. There are 411 videos and 412 photo sets as the photo sets can be viewed on a slide show or they can be saved into a Zip file.

As for the videos, videos can be streamed on an embedded flash player on the website or it can be downloaded in an MP4 format. At the tour page, there is sample video of what you are going to get when you become a member of the website so check it out so you will know if you will like it or not. also use music on top of some of the scenes which makes it look real classy. The website has nothing but exclusive content and an awesome discount for big fans of porn. They also update the website 5 times a week with either a new photo set or a new video which is a good schedule. It is too bad only MP4 downloads are allowed for the videos which means the other formats are not allowed.

There is also no advanced search in sight but the basic search tool will more than make up for that. This is one website where you will find beautiful ladies doing what you want them to do and that is to suck and fuck anything that moves. Of course, you would want to be in the place of the dudes they have sex with but that is easier said than done. just keeps on getting bigger which means the membership price here is certainly worth it.

Team Skeet Discount

Team Skeet is a network that gives you access to over 15 websites including Innocent High. There is certainly nothing innocent about the girls in Innocent High as they are always looking to have some hardcore sucking and fucking with other girls and guys.

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There are 1351 videos and 1240 photo sets in this network. The photo sets can be viewed on a slide show or saved in a zip file. The new videos are already in high definition and the old ones are not bad either. The hottest babes in the entire adult industry are in the house showcasing their goods so you can’t possibly ask for anything more.

It is going to be easy to see which websites are updating and which ones are not updating since Team Skeet is date so you will see right away the new files that have been put there. When you see those files, you are going to be excited to put out your excited cock and jack off of those horny girls.


There is a model index which shows some information about all the amazing girls here. You can use tags to search for the material you are looking for too including “threesome sex” or “black on blonde” and you can be sure a lot of things would pop up. You can save the favorites and sort them all out. You can also rate everything here so you can let other members know what you thought of them. The number of tags you can put in the search engine are a lot and it includes the physical characteristics of a girl such as big breasted and big ass or particular sex acts such as missionary and doggy style. You may be ending your search for the best porn site with Team Skeet since their websites bring nothing but first class to the table.

You can try and look elsewhere but you will only find out there is nothing like Team Skeet nor the team skeet discount being offered. In fact, you are going to find yourself coming back to the website several times in one day because you are curious about the latest updates.

Devils Film Promo Code

The devil may have did something good for you as there is something to suit all porn cravings at Devils Film and all its bonus sites. There is no advanced search anywhere though so you will just have to be contented with the basic one. The good news is almost all the stuff here is already in high definition.

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You can’t post comments though so you won’t be able to let the whole world what you think. There are 1530 photo galleries and 4894 full length scenes from 1200 DVDs and a lot of them are shown in high definition. You can download them in a Windows media player or stream them using an embedded player.

You will find a lot in terms of bonus material upon signing up for Devils Film as you will be given access to the entire Fame Digital network which consists of about 30 quality porn sites. You can browse according to model, movie, category or even series. The only sad part is they don’t come in zip files so you will have to download the images here individually.


There is something here to suit every porn fan as there is man on woman action as well as woman on woman. The girls here are incredibly beautiful and it would take a long time before you will get sick of their looks. There are a lot of stuff they put on the website in terms of updates so you would find something new when you check back the next day. Not only that, but the scenes they put on the website is of high quality so you won’ t have something to complain about.

Even if you can’t comment, you can still save your favorites and sort them out according to the way you like them. You would find out how good a video is according to the number of high ratings it gets. The website has a nice design which means it would really be tempting to come back over and over again. You might even find yourself praising the devil due to the amount of superb content in the Devils Film.

Passion HD Discount

You know what they say, all work with no play makes Jack the ultimately dull boy. Now, you don’t want to be the dull Jack, right? So rather than idling all of your time at home after hours of work, why not plunge into one of the best feelings in life that you can only get through masturbation. Or better yet, if you have a girlfriend or a wife, sex!

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Let me give you a hint: It’s fun, exciting and most of all, arousing. What I’m trying to say is that inside comes real porn! Real porn in a way that all of the cast in every video does everything with great passion. A burning passion that seemingly bonds every couple in bed with an igniting kind of lascivious desire. What better way can sex be done than with love, right? And thus, the site is called Passion HD — passionate porn that comes only in the finest of video qualities.

For starters, you can try the adult site for a day for only a dollar. After that, you have to decide if you want to go through or not. But here’s why you would love to proceed with the official passion hd discount membership:

You will get 289 full length movies by the best cast in the pornographic arena

289 sets of nude pictures, from redheads to busties to brunettes and to Asian legends

The quality is impeccably alluring, outstanding as though its like no other thus the site is considered to be on of the top porn sites. And that goes to all of the videos they show!


To top it all off, the membership fee is very cheap you wouldn’t philosophize on why you should or should proceed. How much? Only 18 dollars a month and a shockingly low price of 10 dollars for one year! Why have a hard time watching crappy porn when you can have the best? Go for Passion HD and you won’t have to scapegoat a person for anything.

Met Art Discount

There are many porn sites around the virtual world, but each of them exudes different levels of excitement. If you want the best, then you will have to be thorough with the way you pick a daily scoop of porn. But what import does that really hold? For one, watching porn is basically the act of a voyeur, taking pleasure of his time observing those who are doing the actual jam packed bed laden action.

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And therefore, the main purpose of being a voyeur is to make the most out of your time through quality digital porn pictures and not the usual crappy amateur content. For the awesome porn experience to follow through, MET Art would be the name that won’t fail you.

Met Art brings you only the freshest, classiest and the BIGGEST collection of porn as an absolute art in this mundane planet. The site’s philosophy’s revolves around softness as the exemplar of beauty, which is why it is specialized in sex photography that depicts soft core nudity as opposed to the minimalist, raunchy content that will only lead you to addiction and bonkers. And rather than for the sheer purpose of erecting that cute little penis of yours, you will be driven ultimately by the story of every porn video. There is a clear intro, hook, conflict, climax and conclusion to every porn video that will really change your way of seeing porn. Perhaps you will be taught the most passionate way to watch porn.


A porn video wouldn’t be authentic if it wasn’t cast by those who glitter like diamonds in the sky. The met art discount features many of the finest celebrities in the porn industry. To name some would be Peter Dominic, Tony Wards, Roy Stuart, Jacques Bourbolon and a long list follows. See them standing up and then laying down with the hottest chicks in town. See them being calm and going a bit harder as they pound their dongs into those smokin’ hot pie holes — from virgins to the ooh so schmexy MILF’s!

As far as costing goes, there’s not much to spend. They are actually running a promo that saves you 10 dollars per month which means in lieu of the 29-dollar monthly fee, you only have to pay for 19. Like how better could it get? Enjoy, you cock sucking motherfucker!

Blacks on Blondes Discount

There are 599 videos on Blacks on Blondes and over half of them are seen in high definition. It is made by DogFart, one of the best interracial porn companies out there. Their name is very popular in the industry so you must have come across them one way or the other. There are also 599 photo galleries and most of them are available in high resolution.

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Some of the girls here are not even blondes but you won’t find anybody complaining as long as they are pretty and they enjoy getting fucked by a black dude with a giant cock. You can also save the pics on Zip files so you can get some intense black on white action. For the bonus material, you are going to get access to the entire 20 website network of Dog Fart. Most of the websites in the network are focused on white chicks banging on black dudes.

You are going to see some of the biggest cocks you will ever see in the porn industry since black dudes seem to have those types of things. It could be in their genes though so you can tell the girls here have all the fun.


It is a good thing you can go to the other websites of DogFart network because it usually takes this website around 4-5 days before another upload. You will be delighted to see the next one arrive though and you will find out it is worth the wait.

You will also find out why girls love to get fucked by black dudes so much. They really like some gigantic cocks even though it is going to be difficult to put those cocks in their mouths. The photos and videos on Blacks on Blondes are exclusive so you won’t see them anywhere else so that is going to be such a good thing. There is no advanced search in site so you must be contented with the basic search as it is one thing you will use when looking for something you want to see.

X Art Discount

Girls from countries you have never heard of are going to give you some fine soft core action over at X Art. If you are looking for some hardcore action then there is some here as well as the action never stops. There are 270 videos and 340 photo galleries and the images are available in different sizes with the biggest one being available in high resolution.

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There is not a photo section here so you must browse through the model section or look at the updates page in order to find out what’s new. The movies can be downloaded and they can also be streamed through a Flash player. If you use an MP4 player then you can see the videos in your portable device like your mobile phone or your tablet. X Art has zero in bonus content but it will update 3 times a week which is more than enough. You are going to be amazed by some of the chicks here because they are simply stunning.

With the updates, sometimes it is going to be one video and two photos while there are times when it is two videos and one photo. Whatever the combination is, you are going to be sure it is going to be updated three times a week. You will surely be masturbating the night away when you get a load of the high-res images.


The videos here are made brilliantly as you can tell the makers really made an effort to impress whoever would view what they made. It usually begins with some excellent music that fades out and all you will hear in the end are some hot girls moaning while they are being fucked until they get tired which won’t be anytime soon. The videos last about 15 minutes and it may be short but you are going to get loads of action. Take a look at the x art discount and go crazy.

When you get a load of the girls at X Art, you are going to wonder how they got their bodies. They truly are a work of art and you are going to wish you have the opportunity to have sex with them.

FTV Girls Discount

FTVGirls came into existence because those who are behind making it were fed up with all those shoddy pornographic sites. They decided to develop a site that is of excellent quality and quantity, and truly speaking, they succeeded in their mission.

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FTV are initials for First Time Videos, but this should not be taken to mean that these girls have performed in videos before. In real sense, they are performing acts that have never been seen on video before. The entire content is exclusive to the site and almost a third of the beauties only model for this company.

Since 2005, FTVGirls has remained in top form and they continue to grow bigger more content to the already available huge archive. You will have access to approximately 1,600 videos that are availed in Windows Media. Most of the actors have multiple videos posted all over the archive and dating way back to 2003.


The most current movies are available in HD while the older ones still offer excellent quality playback. You will also find some AVI files that you can download, although they are of low quality.

The scenes mostly run for ten minutes. You will watch public nudity, vibrators, masturbation, massive dildos, lesbianism and so much more. At certain instances, you will also come across some hardcore sex. If you fancy a site that features dazzling beauties, then you will find it hard to locate another one out there apart from this site and with the ftv girls discount attached. It has different types of scenes that are entertaining and marvelous. There are approximately 3,200 photo galleries, which are available in multiples for each beauty, with sixty to ninety shots per set. They have high-res images and can be downloaded in Zip files. You also have a category that avails the original photos straight from the digital cameras, although they have not been re-sized to fit your normal browser screen hence they are huge and go beyond simple high-res.

Updating takes place once a week or in some instances twice, but the content generally continues to grow. You also have extras in form of different pic sets and videos. Getting membership will most definitely be of value to you with FTVGirls.

Evil Angel Discount

It is believed that each time you cum, an Evil Angel develops a pair of brand new wings. This might or might not be true, but will access a huge amount of different types of entertaining porn here.You are enabled to view lesbian licking, massive boobs, crowd sex, solo beauties, anal gaping, many sex toys, cum swapping and much more entertainment just for you.

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If we consider porn, then you will be standing right in front of the gates of heaven. If you are a die hard of hard core action, then Evil Angel is your site of choice.

It has an excellent design though it is expected that a company of such status should be. Evil Angel has quite a number of thumbnails and searching options,assisting you to find all that you might desire quite easily. You will have the options of searching by pornstar, director and DVD. Searching by niche is also possible.

The more than 8,111 scenes obtained from over 1,300 DVDs can be streamed or downloaded. Most of their videos feature well-known personalities in pornography; hence, you can be sure to be fully entertained with every single video you will watch. More than 3,200 videos can be obtained in HD format, and the remaining is availed in excellent quality.


You will watch over 3,008 photo galleries, which come in high-res when watched online, but when downloaded to your computer, you will have qualities that are more superior. Saving other than saving with the evil angel discount we got, is not so much of a fun because there are no Zip files provided, but still you will find it worthwhile to store some of your favorites. An interesting set shows a beauty’s ass widening to eject an enormous bead. You will actually find an entire movie showing this type of talent. Updating is a daily affair and involves addition of a number of scenes every time. Live cam shows are also provided every day.

There are no available bonus sites coming with membership to Evil Angel, but taking into consideration the updating schedule and the massive content available, you should not be worried. There is no porn site that can be said to be perfect; hence, this also needs some minor improvements, but with the massive content that it offers, joining it is worthwhile.

DDF Network Discount

Since DDF Network gives access to 13 of the best websites on the web, the total would be 12984 movies and 12645 photo galleries. Soft core and hardcore porn fans will be pleased to know that both are available in the network. You can jump to another website as fast as a snap of a finger as there is a drop down menu.

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You won’t have to worry about the site getting updated as the DDF Network uploads 3 to 5 scenes a day. Cherry Jul is one Russian babe who never gets tired of awesome sex whether it is with a dude, another girl or a mix of the two. It is going to be painfully obvious what Only Blowjob offers to the public as some lucky dudes get their dicks taken care of by some of the most beautiful girls you will ever find.

Hands on Hardcore is one website that will keep you amazed at the expert hands of the beautiful ladies here as they do some hand jobs on very lucky guys. Of course, these guys cum faster than they thought they would because of how good the girls are.


DDF Busty is the best website in the network because the girls there have big natural jugs. The babes here not only have big tits but they also have fine bodies but you can’t blame yourself if you would always stare at those round natural tits. Keep in your mind that the ddf network discount enables all of these sites. Meanwhile, 1by Day is one website that updates every day of the week with wonderful porn goodies. You are going to find everything there from soft core action to some hardcore fun.

House of Taboo is one website that will let you want more as it is full of hardcore sex scenes. Some of the the files here are very clear as they are presented in nothing but clear cut high definition. You are certainly going to enjoy your stay in this network as the websites offer a wide variety of goodies. You can hop from one website to another and won’t get sick of the content. You are not going to regret being a member of this network.

Playboy Plus Discount

The type of porn in Playboy Plus is softcore. Their celebrity section would give you some familiar faces from TV shows and movies. They also got some archives in that section and you would see some celebrities during their prime. Some scenes are even from 30 years ago but they are still in high quality. There are 5317 photo sets over here so you won’t run out of pictures to jack off of.

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There are 4263 videos here and all of them can be downloaded in HD version. You can also watch them using any video player and there are a bunch of videos added on Playboy Plus daily. You can also choose between amateurs, coeds, playmates and celebrities get it on with each other. The material in this website is what you will always see in the actual magazine as there is no hardcore sex involved here. You must get used to seeing soft porn because that is what this website is all about. The girls here are a bit conservative compared to the veteran porn stars.

Playboy Plus is one website that will make you come back for more because of its beautiful women. You won’t see more beautiful women anywhere as this is where it is at.


When you are in the movie section, you will know what is being viewed at the moment. You will also notice in the photo galleries that professional photographers were involved in making the final product of the pictures. You won’t find anybody complaining about how difficult it would be to use this website because the navigation here is just too sweet, maybe as sweet as the playboy plus discount even. You can’t really expect any pussy licking and threesome action here.

You can expect high quality girls to be posing fully nude for professional photographers though. There is also a link to be able to buy Playboy stuff so you can be proud of where you got your materials. The photo sets can be viewed in slide shows so you can just sit there and relax and the photos would change every 5 seconds.

21 Sextury Discount

The name 21 Sextury might sound like some kind of a porn agency, but in real terms it is a mega-site giving you direct access to 21 plus other bonus 19 sites. All these content comes at a lower price and given time; you can save enough to buy your dream home, although they entitled to assist you with the saving part. Their homage is great and very welcoming.

33% off  21 Sextury discount for 30-day signups and 67% off one year memberships for a limited time.


A top menu is availed to you for different sections like, scenes, bonus sites, categories, models and the most recent news. You will also get links to a variety of performers and the mouth-watering scenes listed under the newest episodes.

On offer are deep-throat blow jobs, gaping buttholes, MILFs and anal loving teens, and you are guaranteed to find your kind of entertainment here. For lesbians fans there is Lez Cuties and if you would prefer more raunchy then DP Fanatics and Anal Queen will definitely take care of this. All this sites are similar so you will not have come up with a way to move from site to site. You can browse each site independently or click on “scenes” from the top menu to access all the episodes in a single place plus all those taken from bonus sites. The site has 8,079 movies on offer, most coming in HD and MP4 for mobile devices. The previews can also be streamed or downloaded in place of full-length clips.


There are approximately 7,750 films available with high-res photos that you can save in Zip files. The site can be ranked highly on the user friendly scale since it provides with the favorites section, rating and commenting option, a high rate 21 sextury discount and the ability to sort the content. There is however, no advanced search module on offer, but their filters are quite impressive. The model index helps you to locate your preferred chick.

Apart from being able to check out certain characteristics of your desired actor for example age, you can also locate sex acts, locations and camera angles. Each model can be rated and all of her porn found in a single place.

Updating is a daily routine together with additional two or three episodes from different sites, though there are some sites that do not update at all. If you are into hot chicks, breath taking sex, naked women wrestling or unfaithful wives, then this is truly your site.

Dare Dorm Discount

Dare Dorm is an amateur college site that brings to you the exciting side of life that college students go through, and in exciting we are talking about partying and fucking. The site features content from real students involved in organizing and filming a horny couple, crazy threesomes or crowd sex. The best film then gets rewarded with a $1,000.

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The site is updated every fortnight, but the videos whether they are being acted or real, are very entertaining. The slow pace of updating may be because the reward cash prize was reduced, since it is now 10% of what it initially used to be.

You will have access to 103 videos accompanied with video caps. Some crazy sex minded students from Texas have already won $ 10,000 for their entertaining movies. The movies run for approximately fifty minutes, which is good.However,though the clips are of good quality on screen, it is unfortunate that they can only be streamed, but the most recent videos come in HD and are quite remarkable. The big question on your mind maybe whether all this action is real, and truth be told, I will go with may be. The models are great, though there are some instances they tend to be very amateurish just like the college students they are portraying.


Some people may not be thrilled with its updating schedule, the not so perfect camera work or its amount of content, but the site is great and has a lot of entertaining sex on offer with the dare dorm discount offer, and you will have to check it out to confirm this. Most of the site’s content seems acted, but you are bound to come across some few clips that look as though the actors were being coerced. For example, they had to make it a point of mentioning the site name at the beginning or ending of some movies or how they might end up in trouble while filming. One of the actors is also from another movie.

Dare Dorm has amazing movies and a lot of good things can be said about the site, but with its slow updating schedule, unavailability of bonus site and downloading options, a good number of improvements are needed to make it top class.

VideoBox Discount

How frequently have you searched for a particular adult movie, only to find out that it is very expensive to download or buy? Well,this shouldn’t happen anymore because VideoBox initially referred to as Climax Corner is offering the leading compilation of porn for the most appropriate price on the Net. You will access more than 15,000 DVDs for a very small monthly charge.

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Updates are on a daily basis and mostly comprise of five or six new movies, enabling VideoBox to continue expanding and improve on its already available content.

There are 88,183 scenes that can be downloaded, with all covering a variety of themes for example, amateur, gonzo and interracial. They also offer a wide range of sexual acts in different formats. The flicks are of good quality, though there are more than 4,500 that are accompanied with an HD option. They can also be downloaded in handy devices as well as streamed in Flash. Picture sets are not available though.


Being able to edit your video before downloading is one of the most creative features that videobox offers of course that is aside from the videobox discount obviously. The full-length scenes are marked as a sequence of thumbnails, and to obtain the parts you want, you simply drag a bar across them. You are able to eliminate any part at the start or the end of an entire scene that does not interest you. For example, you can decide to only focus on that perfect shot and not the whole action. It has a “flow mode”, that allows viewing of almost twenty porn scenes flowing by in the player simultaneously. The flowing videos can also be filtered. On locating one that is of interest to you, click on it and you will be able to view it on a bigger screen. Browsing can be done by series, title, studio or using the “clips” button. A search module is also availed.

Once you come across something interesting, you can add it as your favorite and modify the interface to show the “Evil” or “Vivid” channels, so as to only view content from any of those main studios. With a greater amount of content compared to other sites, their pricing is the best. This is confirmed when you obtain the 18-month membership that comes with a free Roku box, making it possible for you to stream all the content on your TV. This together with the frequent updating will make it worth your money. If you are a hardcore porn fanatic and you desire a broad choice of action, then joining VideoBox is mandatory.

GF Revenge Discount

GF revenge is a site that offers people the opportunity to hit back at their exes. A photo submitted is rewarded by $100 while a vid goes for $1,000 cash. People who submit their photos and videos get the fulfillment of having exposed their exes’wild and wicked sides to the world while you are entertained by all the hardcore action portrayed.However,the content is acted and not the actual submitted by the user.

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Most of the 273 movies available on this site are made POV-style, though the lesbian and masturbation clips more often have somebody working the camera. The movies usually start with a bit of relaxed teasing involving the camera operator and the models on the screen, who at most times are indulging in a leisure activity for instance playing a video game or the keyboard, although there is one festivity scene that starts with a nude beauty dancing before a crowd.

She then grabs the cameraman’s dick while being urged by the rest in the crowd to suck it. They then go upstairs for a more passionate session of a blowjob and fucking.The sexy girl-on-girl showers, hardcore fucking and self-loving scenes are not downloadable, though excellent playback is available through flash streaming.

The 283 photo galleries have high-res pics amongst them. The volleyball spread for instance, contains huge clear images of a female team posing on the court or stretching but not nude although their tops are good and tight fitting.


However, the self-shot sets are grainier, for example, one that shows a busty chick photographing herself while stripping out of a sexy dress. This collection comprises of very dazzling girls with huge boobs,lovely faces and gorgeous asses. You will get a mixture of white babes, Latino beauties and ebony chicks and even a gf revenge discount that you will definitely long for.

The site updates weekly and you are enabled access to bonus movies from other sites for instance Happy Tugs and Molly’s Life. These not only add value to membership but also keep you active amid updates. Sadly, though, these bonus movies cannot also be downloaded. Not being able to download the videos is a major shortcoming of GF Revenge, but if you fancy amateurs and derive satisfaction from only watching videos online, then the site is worth checking out.

DogFart Discount

The DogfartNetwork promotes all 21 of their websites and when you log in they are all displayed on the home network page with a hyperlink to get into the members’ area. The good thing about the network is that it is straight forward and simple to navigate. However there is no way at all to browse every piece of content together.

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Although when you are on any of the websites there is a little search box that allows you to search for content throughout the entire network. This is very handy and can assist you in finding your preferred scenes. However there is no network wide filters or categories. Which lets the network down a little.

On the main home network page each website is listed along with the amount of scenes provided. In total there are just over 1100 chicks, 2933 scenes and over 2000 photo sets. The most prestigious website in the DogFart network is ‘Blacks On Blondes’. This website is one of the oldest and most hardcore interracial porn websites out there. It is highly recommended and will provide you with the hot action you desire.


Only two websites on the network are not interracial focused. Which is a downside to the network as there are some people who might want to mix what type of porn they want to watch. Many scenes in the network are interracial, however they are filled with hot sex. For all the gays out there, there are two gay websites on the network to enjoy. The good thing about this network, aside from the new dogfart discount offered, is that there is a lot of content added every week providing you with plenty of porn. Not all the movies are in high definition however they are still stunning with the hot babes performing to the best of their ability. You can also download some of the scenes as a zip file if you wish which is a huge plus to the network allowing you to watch your most loved scenes even on your phone or tablet.

This network is definitely recommended if you love to watch interracial action. DogFart contains some of the most experienced interracial porn stars making this network one of the best.

College Rules Discount

You’re will definitely be seeing some beautiful stunning models when you watch the hot 19 videos on College Rules. They only come in a streaming only embedded flash player which plays in high definition making the hot action even clearer to make it more enjoyable for the viewers. This is the case even though on the register page they claim the movies may be downloaded if you desire. This is of course one downside to the network.

50% off  College Rules discount for 30-day signups and 75% off one year memberships for a limited time.


These movies could however be the motivation required to discourage the high school seniors from wanting to take a gap year. Nobody their age would want to miss a single minute of the action. I’m not so sure that a lot of the crazy shenanigans these teens get up to are particularly appropriate. No matter how appropriate they are, they hold a lot of teen fun. Greasing your body to slide down a hall naked seems risky but is definitely entertaining.

It is no secret that drunken teens always seem to enjoy a little girl on girl action, however that does not at all make them lesbians. The babes in these hot movies like to perform a little foreplay before the boys come in and fuck them all over. To be fair there is a 5000 dollars prize at stake. Therefore the teens involved know they must display stunning hardcore extravaganzas. They know they are involved in one of the largest money making industries on the planet.


On the College Rules network there are 18 photo sets for you to enjoy as well as a college rules discount to enjoy. They definitely include some decent photos. Some of these chicks are unbelievably stunning. They must be aware that if their schoolwork does not pay off they could easily make a living from a career in the pornography industry. At such a young age they could be making thousands of dollars. It is highly recommended that you check out the photo sets and you will see for yourself how gorgeous these girls truly are.

The updates are pretty slow on the network as they are every two weeks. Another downside to the network is that there are a lot of adverts for different websites. As a constellation they have renamed the bonus area to “specials” so you do not think that you are getting bonus websites rather than deals on memberships to the other websites.

The action on College Rules is breathtaking, however the lack of downloadable content and updates really lets the network down. It must be considered though that the content provided is of a very high standard with extremely beautiful girls performing.

VideoSZ Discount

Porn, porn and loads of porn, all available under one roof on Video-z. Enjoy tons of unmatchable porn quality, oodles of sex videos and hordes of nude models, all parading up and down the aisles. Given the 13,430 sex videos available on the website’s domain, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, especially when it comes to providing quality and content.

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The models are breathtakingly beautiful and the men know how to make them feel heaven.

If you want access to a DVD website, then this is the place to be on. Ideally, the content is seemingly delicious, given the fact that the website adds close to 5 updates to its existing list of videos and pics on a daily basis. A wonderful addition to your porn needs. Stuff your needs with a lot of porn which will add the sizzle to your fantasies. An ideal addition to your dreams when you think of the kind of women you can date, virtually.


Quality, Content and the video fantasies:

On video-z, you get access to a lot of high quality videos, content and lots of sex fantasies. Turn your utmost dreams into reality as the models do way more than you ever imagined. The content is great, the sex is hot and of course, the models are simply mind blowing. A win win situation for you to relish and enjoy at every step. With such a membership under your belt including the videosz discount available, there is nothing that can stop you from blowing your brains out with the HD porn.


HD quality, great content, superfluous models and steaming success are some of the pros of this website. Add a suitable membership rate to the existing list of pros and you will have a winner on your hands. The navigational features make the surfing way easier than one can imagine. So indulge yourself and let the world know that you’re here to stay.

Wicked Pictures Discount

Wicked pictures and videos – time to get wicked! Wicked pictures was founded in the year 1993 and since then it has maintained a unique reputation in the ocean of porn websites. To fortify the fact, this website has won more 500 awards during their tenure in the porn market. So it’s obvious that not only viewers love them but they are also the critique’s choice– something tough to attain, must say!

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For 20 years, they have maintained this legacy and not even for once they have disappointed their viewers. Well, what awaits you in the wicked pictures banner? Steaming hot actors, loads of hardcore action and tons of smoldering pictures, just waiting to be savored on the go.

Watch or download – all up to you

The plethora of uncountable high quality videos will make you run out of stamina; rest assured, your patience will wear thin but the videos will not fall short to meet your expectations! Comprising of amazing definition (1920X1080) and an unparalleled speed, everything spells success for this wonderful porn haven. Not only are the videos tempting but even the pictures and galleries are also going to make you love your decisions!


What can you find here?

Well you can find some of the hottest models ever, all under one roof! All the models are ready to serve you and make your fantasies come true. Along with the wicked pictures deal provided, users have so much action to catch up on this site and the party just never ends. Wicked pictures is a carnival of some of the hottest models – both males and females! And if you have got bored of the regular, some lesbian action will definitely entertain your wits.

Benefits of Wicked pictures

Apart from hardcore action that will certainly entice you, there are more than 1000 models and a really huge variety of girls waiting to thrill your nerves (and your muscles, of course!) Moreover, the streaming videos are relatively faster which ensures a soothing viewing experience. If you are a member, you can access many more bonus videos on this website.

Membership perks

Being a member on this website has its own perks! The set of 48,000 bonus videos are just fab! And apart from that, you get to watch action that no one else can – all the behind the scenes’ and sex guides’! And occasionally, you can even be bestowed by some free cam shows of your favorite porn star! Sounds like a deal, right?

Mr Skin Discount

There has always been this fascination with famous people being seen without their clothes on and it is even better when it is for a movie or something where it is a necessity. This is where Mr Skin comes in as the website is all about the naked celebrity and if that is the thing that gets you excited, then you will love what they have to offer.

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This site is massive as it has over 20,000 celebrities listed on its database and all of them are showing some skin in some way at some place. In all honesty there are so many people on there that you have never heard of, but they all show at least their tits in some movie and that is worthy of being included in this website.

You are then able to see still shots or some of the actual clips themselves in order to see them in action so to speak and this equates to thousands of scenes that are just ready for your viewing pleasure.


It is worth noting that they do not focus on those sex tapes that emerge when they want publicity, but instead it focuses on nudity that they were asked to do for a specific role. The search facility is first class with you simply typing in the desired name, looking at the results, and then clicking on the one that appeals to you the most. There really is nothing easier than that.

One important point to be made here is that you are not going to get everything in nice and glossy HD as a lot of the scenes were never shot in that format, so do expect a few grainy shots that do still at least show the star naked in some way. Do not let this put you off joining the website as at least there is somebody out there that has dedicated themselves to cataloging all of these scenes for your viewing pleasure and what a pleasure it really is to view them all.

Overall, if you like your stars and like to see their tits, pussy, or ass, then the Mr Skin discount is going to grab your attention and never let go. Yes it has people you have never heard of, but they have all got nude in the name of art and surely you want to just see what they look like without their clothes?

Playboy TV Discount

Who out there has not heard of Playboy? This is the biggest name in porn that has ever existed and this will immediately make you think that their Playboy TV website is going to be one of the best to have ever appeared on the Internet. However, while it may look all glossy and shiny, is it as good as it really should have been?

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First, you are going to have to really go on gut instinct with this website as the tour part tells you very little and in all honesty this is a bit of a let down. It is almost as if they are saying that the fact they are Playboy should be enough to tempt you into their site, but a better tour really would not have gone amiss.

One big difference with this website is that it does show full hardcore, which is different to the original Playboy magazine, but they do shoot their content in quite a glamorous and shiny way, just as you would expect from them. They focus more on passion and erotica rather than straightforward fucking and it is a pleasant change from the normal porn that you see elsewhere.


In order to watch you do need to stream from their website and this is a bit of a let down as it would be cool if you could download things to watch later even when you are not logged online. However, as long as you have a good connection there should be no problems with this and you can then enjoy some fantastic porn without the scene juddering to a halt and at a great price too as there is now a playboy tv discount now released.

They do have various shows for you to watch and it is all in HD, so you get to see every single aspect in glorious Technicolor, and ultimately the entire site is very well put together and the fact it is streaming 24/7 does make things that little bit easier for you.

Yes it may not appeal if you love more weird sex, but if you enjoy watching gorgeous women fucking and having orgasms, then Playboy TV is certainly a website that you should give some serious consideration to joining.

Digital Playground Discount

Digital Playground is just what their name suggests, a place where you to play around and of course have a little fun in the process. The Digital Playground porn network is a huge collection of exhilarating content and sexy models. With Digital playground you can stream over 2,644 episodes of steamy hot sex.

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Each of the videos streams in high quality content, so you can see every open pore on the hot models body and every drop of sweat slide down their luscious curves. There is a wide variety of content ranging from softcore to hardcore, exotic models to American models all the way to sweet innocent school girls to experienced MILFS that are as hot as can be. So it really just depends what you’re in the mood for, a sexy Latina woman or a sex young teen learning some new tricks.

A few examples of some of the exclusive videos that you can find on the network include PowerFuck, Cumaholics, Cougar Street, Boobzilla, My Boss’s Daughter and much more.


There is something to tickle anyone’s fancy on Digital Playground. The models on the site are there to take you on the ride of your life. Some of the most popular and well liked models on the network include Jana Cova, Tera Patrick, Kayden Kross and many more porn stars to fulfill your fantasies. Given that there is a digital playground discount available, you can lay back and enjoy yourself.

You can go on the “girls” section of the site to find your ideal babe for a one of a kind time. The navigation of the site is fairly great. There is one basic search where you can sort by DVD or you can sort by scenes by date, highest rated and the most viewed so this should help you find what it is that you are looking for. Although you can not download videos, the Digital Playground is still an awesome place to go and play.

With a huge variety of content that is still coming together everyday in addition to the bonus third party DVD’s that you can view – This network has a lot going for them and is worth the membership.

Twistys Discount

If you are looking for a porn site that has amazing quality and that is extremely organized and well put together, than it is time to check out the Twistys porn network. This network has been described as one of the hottest networks available due to it’s impressive collection of sexy models and it’s huge variety of content.

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Everywhere that you turn on the site there is extremely alluring and intriguing content.The best part about the Twisty’s network is the amount of content that you get with just one single membership. This network has over 6,329 videos – that is a crazy amount of extreme content. Whether you are in the mood for a POV blowjob, some girl on girl action or a sexy hot MILF, you will be sure to find it on this site.


There is also a full range of hardcore scenes for those who like things a little rough. Each video is extremely high quality as well which create an amazing and very pleasurable viewing experience to say the least. The high definition videos are to die for a stream a massive 100000 kbps and that is fast.

If you didn’t think 6,329 videos were enough, that you will be glad to to hear that the Twistys discount network is updated a whopping 3 times per day! This means that there is always new content for you to explore on a daily basis. The hardcore section of the site gets 14 exclusive scenes per month as well.

In addition to the crazy amount of scenes for you to watch there are also sexy picture galore available on Twistys. The site initially started as a place for hot babes to pose so there are over 16,402 sets of photos each containing between 30 and 135 steamy images. The photos are extremely high quality and can be downloaded in a Zip file format for your pleasure.

Another bonus is that the network is very well organized making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for in the drop of a hat.All in all, twisty’s network features one of the largest and best collections of breathtaking content and hot babes.

Mofos Discount

If you are looking for a porn network that consists of realistic and extreme hardcore action that is going to leave you wanting more every single time, than the Mofos network is just right for you. The best part about this network is that they are constantly updating, so you are never going to run out of options.

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With the constant updates and over 14 sites to browse from you will find over 1,400 videos for your viewing pleasure. There is a extreme wide variety of content varying from group sex, interracial, lesbian, toy use and much more. With sites such as Pervs on Patrol, She’s A Freak, MILFS Like It Black and even Real Slut Party you get tons on insanely good videos jam packed with sexy kinky girls and anal filled fun.


What makes the Mofos network so unique and set apart from other networks in the industry is that they shoot a lot of their own content, which leads to a lot of realistic videos – But don’t worry this doesn’t take away from the video quality. Most of the videos on the sites are high definition quality so you can see every drop of sweat and every movement of the hand with no strain of the eye.

The videos are also download friendly, so you can get your fix on the go right from your mobile phone or even your tablet. The models make the site. There are loads of sexy models varying from white, black all the way to ethnic as well as semi-pro and amateur. You also have the option to browse by model so you can find the girl of your dreams and watch her do her thing.

You can also search site by site, which you can’t do on many other networks. It is safe to say that the Mofos discount network is one that anyone would enjoy investing it. The constantly updated content and easy to browse site makes it easy for you to find just want you want and when you want which is key to a pleasing porn viewing experience. Be sure to see the Mofos deal and be amazed.

Naughty America Discount

America isn’t always about Politics and their constant bickering, America is known for being just down right Naughty! The Naughty America porn network features loads of content that is going to leave you feeling proud to be an American. This network consist of over 35 awesome sites all gathered together onto one comfortable network.

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Some of the most notable sites available on the network include My Friends Hot Mom, Naughty Office, I Have A Wife, Latin Adultery, Diary of A Nanny and much, much more to please your viewing needs. As you can tell from the previously listed sites there is a wide variety of selection for you to chose from.

The sites give you the opportunity to bring to life a lot of fantasies that many men have. You can watch a hot babe get pounded in the comfort of her own office or a man wander from his wife to a sexy mistress where he gets his mind blown away.


And of course there are those not so innocent little school girls that are looking to have some fun of their own and young stud hooking up with a much more experience women who can teach him a lesson or two. All together with the Naughty America discount you are getting a whopping 5,212 videos. With such a large amount of videos you are really getting a good set of seducing material. Although they content doesn’t stray to far from hot boy-girl action you are still getting hardcore and indulging porn.

All the videos are in amazing quality making you feel like you are actually a live audience member to the steaming scene that you are watching. Each video also comes hand and hand with a set of high-quality pictures that can be downloaded in zip format so you can view them right from your computer. All in all, the Naughty America Network consists of some of the hottest content available. The site is easy to browse as well. The available “porn finder” tab makes it easy for you to find just what it is that tickles your fancies.

The Naughty America Network does not disappoint, that’s for sure.

Reality Kings Discount

With an experience of nearly ten to eleven years under their belt, Reality Kings has done well for itself, given the rich content and the extravagant porn content they provide to the viewers. With a whopping 36 sites classified under their network, they have shifted gears to provide more than you could ever ask for. Diversity is the name of the game for the multi-faceted website, as it deals with the porn content in a subtle yet different manner.

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What you see is what you get; rest assured, you pay far less than what you get.

Get the royal treatment with Reality Kings

When you log in, things might look complicated; however, the design and navigation is going to win your heart over in an instant. You can check out some of the upcoming updates on the main login screen itself, so that you know what to look for. Reality Kings offers around 7,595 movies; each of the movies is extremely interesting and promise you more than you could ever imagine in your dreams.


For some of the clips, you can opt to stream the videos while in others, you can opt for the download option. This is not all, for you can go ahead and check out over 30,000 photo galleries and download pics in zip files. With your membership pass, you can avail the benefit of 40 websites together, all of which keep getting naughtier by the day. Loads of daily updates, hot models and kinky videos, everything spells success for you.

Enjoy the wide range of dedicated sites, each covering the latest possible categories. From large boobs to sites filled with gorgeous Latin women, you name it and you have it. Depending on the kind of interests you have, you can choose the action of the models on the various websites. May it be lesbian acts or hardcore fun action, everything is smoking hot on the websites.

The members are given exclusive rights such as bookmarking each scenes and adding them to your favorites. Their menu bar on the top gives an option to browse by models while in the extensive members only sites, you can look at live webcams and take a naughty advantage of the many specials they hook members up with.

Membership of reality kings discount applied gives you all. Beautiful and hot girls, hardcore sex; the website covers a large number of niches, each of which offer you loads and loads of erotic quality content, simmering with the delight of a pleasing viewing experience. What more could you ask for!

Bang Bros Discount

BangBros, a multi award winner company, serves the customers with high quality porn content that has gained their rightful throne in their business and is regarded as one of the handful studios that dominate the porn industry. It is a huge media site giving access to nearly 6000 exclusive hardcore scenes, some of which feature some of the biggest names in the porn industry.

75% off  Bang Bros discount for 30-day signups and 67% off one year memberships for a limited time.


What does BangBros offer you?

Once you will log in, the seductively long list of the most recent updates is definitely going to catch your attention. There are 43 exclusive sites, each of which offers a whopping collection of several different niches such as teen, mothers I like to fuck, which are further fused with a round of ethnic movies showing big ass and tits of amateur models. As you can imagine, if you want your mind to be blown away, then this is the place to be at.


The navigational system of the websites is extremely commendable. Each website is better than the last, which is probably the only reason why you would be totally satisfied with the content. If you like to play by the numbers, then you can expect around 7261 scenes, all included in your membership.

Perhaps even more impressive is that a lot of these sites are still active. So, one can expect daily updates of the hottest and the wildest sex available on the Internet. Another plus point is that all of the movies are available in a whole host of options in download as well as streaming options as well as the Bang bros discount being a plus.

Ideally, if you want refreshing content that can help you make the most of your membership fee, then BangBros is surely the one stop shop for your porn needs. No longer do you need to worry about spending time watching the same old porn on a daily basis, when you can actually spend your precious time doting over saucy babes.


In total, there’s really not much to complain about here. BangBros provides a rare combination of bang for your buck as well as all-around superb quality content. So, whether you’re out for that signature style, or you have an eye for a bargain, this is one site that’s not to be dropped. A must have for any porn connoisseur.