Mr Skin Discount

There has always been this fascination with famous people being seen without their clothes on and it is even better when it is for a movie or something where it is a necessity. This is where Mr Skin comes in as the website is all about the naked celebrity and if that is the thing that gets you excited, then you will love what they have to offer.

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This site is massive as it has over 20,000 celebrities listed on its database and all of them are showing some skin in some way at some place. In all honesty there are so many people on there that you have never heard of, but they all show at least their tits in some movie and that is worthy of being included in this website.

You are then able to see still shots or some of the actual clips themselves in order to see them in action so to speak and this equates to thousands of scenes that are just ready for your viewing pleasure.


It is worth noting that they do not focus on those sex tapes that emerge when they want publicity, but instead it focuses on nudity that they were asked to do for a specific role. The search facility is first class with you simply typing in the desired name, looking at the results, and then clicking on the one that appeals to you the most. There really is nothing easier than that.

One important point to be made here is that you are not going to get everything in nice and glossy HD as a lot of the scenes were never shot in that format, so do expect a few grainy shots that do still at least show the star naked in some way. Do not let this put you off joining the website as at least there is somebody out there that has dedicated themselves to cataloging all of these scenes for your viewing pleasure and what a pleasure it really is to view them all.

Overall, if you like your stars and like to see their tits, pussy, or ass, then the Mr Skin discount is going to grab your attention and never let go. Yes it has people you have never heard of, but they have all got nude in the name of art and surely you want to just see what they look like without their clothes?