Dare Dorm Discount

Dare Dorm is an amateur college site that brings to you the exciting side of life that college students go through, and in exciting we are talking about partying and fucking. The site features content from real students involved in organizing and filming a horny couple, crazy threesomes or crowd sex. The best film then gets rewarded with a $1,000.

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The site is updated every fortnight, but the videos whether they are being acted or real, are very entertaining. The slow pace of updating may be because the reward cash prize was reduced, since it is now 10% of what it initially used to be.

You will have access to 103 videos accompanied with video caps. Some crazy sex minded students from Texas have already won $ 10,000 for their entertaining movies. The movies run for approximately fifty minutes, which is good.However,though the clips are of good quality on screen, it is unfortunate that they can only be streamed, but the most recent videos come in HD and are quite remarkable. The big question on your mind maybe whether all this action is real, and truth be told, I will go with may be. The models are great, though there are some instances they tend to be very amateurish just like the college students they are portraying.


Some people may not be thrilled with its updating schedule, the not so perfect camera work or its amount of content, but the site is great and has a lot of entertaining sex on offer with the dare dorm discount offer, and you will have to check it out to confirm this. Most of the site’s content seems acted, but you are bound to come across some few clips that look as though the actors were being coerced. For example, they had to make it a point of mentioning the site name at the beginning or ending of some movies or how they might end up in trouble while filming. One of the actors is also from another movie.

Dare Dorm has amazing movies and a lot of good things can be said about the site, but with its slow updating schedule, unavailability of bonus site and downloading options, a good number of improvements are needed to make it top class.